“Boysville goes above and beyond in providing for the kids,” said Ariana. “I’ve always considered it my home, even when I was away.”

Identical Twins, Briana and Ariana have different dreams and goals. 

Briana and Ariana look alike. They finish each other sentences. They even laugh the same. However, these identical twins have distinct personalities and different aspirations. Ariana is free spirit while Briana likes structure and organization.

“I want to be a psychiatrist,” said Briana. Ariana wants to travel and become a historian.

After several foster care placements, both Briana and Ariana came to Boysville in 2013. The girls needed stability and structure. Both girls immediately joined the basketball team and soccer team at Boysville. They participated in the Christmas pageant. Most importantly, they felt like they were able to be teenagers.

“We were rushed in the growing up process,” said Briana. After arriving at Boysville, she said she was finally able to relax and enjoy being a teen.

“My houseparents always treated us like we were part of

their family,” said Ariana. “We went on trips to Oklahoma and to the beach at Corpus.” The girls were placed in different cottages to help meet their individual needs.

The sisters reunited with an older sibling and the girls finished high school while living with her. However, they came back into care right after graduation.

Stephanie Harvey, Boysville’s Supervised Independent Living Director, knew the girls and immediately reached out to their case worker to bring them home.

“I love these girls,” said Stephanie. They are so funny and both are so intelligent.” Stephanie is working with both girls to recognize on their own individual strengths as they work towards their goals.

Briana and Ariana are both glad to be in the SIL program.

“Boysville goes above and beyond in providing for the kids,” said Ariana. “I’ve always considered it my home, even when I was away.”

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