Residential Care Program


Boysville’s goal in the Residential Care Program is to break the cycle of abuse and neglect by placing children in a family environment. The family-style environment helps the child feel secure and builds positive social skills and self-esteem.


The Boysville Residential Program provides long-term, residential care for up to 32 children from ages 5 through 18 years old. Each cottage on our 78-acre campus may hold up to eight children at once. The Residential Program places children in gender-specific cottages with a responsible, married houseparent couple.


In addition to meeting the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, the cottage environment provides a safe, structured and family-like home that helps cottage families provide children the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with adults and peers. Each home offers children a chance to experience how healthy families behave, communicate and respect one another. Security, consistency, structure and discipline are the cornerstones of cottage life.


Guardians of Boysville residents are offered support services in an effort to enhance successful reunification. An assigned case manager will work with families while the children are living at Boysville. This lends to a more successful reunification for the families.


Therapeutic services and many diverse recreational opportunities are offered to all children at Boysville. The children are given academic support through daily study hall and a campus-wide tutoring program.  Children living at Boysville are encouraged to participate in a variety of school, community and leadership activities including FCA, scouting, youth sports and more.


In many instances, Boysville is the first stable home environment a new resident will experience. This makes it possible to develop and nurture necessary life and social skills. As cottage residents, children are given the best possible support and positive influences to help them grow into successful and responsible adults.


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