On Campus Family Care Cottages (Children ages 5 – 17)

Boysville has provided a safe family-like environment for children in need for 75 years.

Nationally Accredited Care Program

Our On-Campus Family Care Cottages (previously our residential care program) is nationally accredited and provides long-term care for up to 32 children from ages 5 through 18 years old. Each cottage holds up to eight children. In addition to meeting the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, the cottage environment provides a safe, structured family environment that helps prevent and resolve social and emotional problems long term. Cottage families provide children the opportunity to develop relationships with adults and peers. Each home offers children a chance to experience how healthy families behave, communicate and respect one another. Security, consistency, structure and discipline are the cornerstones of cottage life.

School, Family and Reunification

Residents attend schools in Judson Independent School District. The children are given academic support through the on campus after-school tutoring program. Children living at Boysville are encouraged to participate in a variety of school, community and leadership activities to continue normalcy in their life.

Biological parents are offered family therapy by an assigned therapist to support families and expedite reunification. A case manager works with families while the children are living at Boysville to ensure a successful reunification for the families. Therapeutic services and many diverse recreational opportunities are offered to all children under the direction of the Clinical Director.

In many instances, Boysville is the first stable home environment a new resident will experience. This makes it possible to develop and nurture necessary life and social skills. As cottage residents, children are given the best possible support and positive influences to help them grow into successful and responsible adults. On average, a child will stay at Boysville for 18 months, although they can remain here through graduation if needed. The Residential Care Program has been regulated by DFPS since 1995 and accredited by Council on Accreditation since 2000.


Boysville is one of the few agencies still accepting private placed children.  Children are evaluated on a case by case basis.  No child is turned away due to lack of ability to pay.  To talk to someone about placing a child at Boysville, please call 210-659-1901 or email egarcia@boysvilletexas.org.

We are here to help families dealing with the following challenges:

Family Hardship – A family might struggle with parent-child conflict, behavioral or emotional issues, or other problems affecting a child’s development.

Homelessness – This program serves youth 5-17 who are struggling to stay in school due to unstable living arrangements or homelessness.

Family Crisis – If a family is struggling with parental drug use, domestic or emotional abuse or facing a critical or terminal illness, Boysville will work with the caregivers to provide care for the children while the parents work towards healing.

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Six mission-focused outcomes are identified and monitored for this program:

  • Children will be free of abuse and neglect while in care
  • Children will demonstrate improved emotional health
  • Children will exhibit appropriate social skills
  • Children will demonstrate improved academic performance
  • Children will achieve independent living skills
  • Family Relationships will be improved and strengthened.