Each year, over 600 youth in Bexar County will age out of the foster care system without a support system to help them transition into adulthood.  This age group is at-risk for homelessness, drug abuse and incarceration.  Our Supervised Independent Living Program is one of only eight programs in Texas to support young adults as they attend college or vocational school, work in the community or enlist in the military.

Boysville’s Supervised Independent Living Program follows high school graduates as they progress from living at Boysville or in foster care to living independently by providing emotional and financial support as needed. Residents entering college or vocational school are eligible for book assistance, as well as living allowances. Housing, food allowance and college living expenses as well as case management and therapeutic programs are offered to youths enrolled in the program.


  • Young adults must complete the SIL application and obtain a referral from their DFPS caseworker
  • Once the referral and application are completed, it gets sent to state office for approval.
  • Young adults will an interview and tour of the program.  If accepted, the young adult must accept placement within 72 hours.
  • A young adult must meet one of the following critieria: working at least 80 hours a month, attending high school or 6 hours of college courses, or involved in a volunteer/job skills program.

For more information, contact Stephanie Harvey via email SIL@boysvilletexas.org