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Boysville works within its community to help ensure the success of its residents. Through a variety of outreach programs, we are also able to work with parents and/or guardians to help guide them to be successful.

Transitional Living training begins at placement in Boysville and continues throughout high school. Simple skills such as learning to pick up toys, making beds and doing laundry teach children to care for themselves and be respectful when they are returned to their homes.

Juniors and seniors in high school receive advanced training in the Transitional Living Program in an effort to stimulate and/or nurture career interests or goals including college, military service, vocational training or entering directly into the job force. Our goal is to equip young adults with the necessary tools to become and remain responsible adults both during and after their stay at Boysville. Each resident participates in Preparation for Adult Living (PALS), learns finance and budgeting, takes driver’s education and gains the necessary skills to be independent once leaving Boysville.

The Independent Living Program follows high school graduates as they progress from living at Boysville to living independently by providing emotional and financial support as needed. Residents entering college or vocational school are eligible for tuition and book assistance, as well as living allowances. Residents entering the job force directly from high school are eligible for reduced housing on the Boysville campus for one year after graduating high school. In these apartment-like settings, young adults get their first taste of living independently and supporting themselves all while having strong role models and family figures nearby.

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