He is a proud member of the Honor Guard, who presents the national and state flags at football games. As part of the Judson Rocket Crew, he helps to boost team spirit and support the football team. Every home game, Ozzie and other JROTC students hoist the JHS flags to celebrate their team on the field. Ozzie is also a member of The Talons, Judson’s JROTC drill team. Ozzie is also a Staff Sargent of the Air Force JROTC at Judson High School.

Ozzie takes advantage of every opportunity he can.

“I fit in. It is disciplined and fun. I wear the uniform with pride,” said Ozzie. “I like being a part of something bigger than myself.”

This is all in preparation for his aspirations to join the Marines. He looks to the Marines as a role model for discipline, duty, and strength.

“It’s a lot of work to become a Marine and an honor to join the Corps,” said Ozzie.

Ozzie isn’t all work and no play. He always makes time for his other hobbies, dance and music. Ozzie has always loved dance, but he just began taking classes this year.

“I love hip-hop because I can express myself through the music,” said Ozzie.

Ozzie has also recently been teaching himself how to play the guitar by following online videos and practicing in his spare time. He perfects his skills by learning to play classic rock.

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