Since she was ten years old, Jaime has loved the idea of adopting a child in need. After the birth of their two boys, Jamie and Thomas, knew they still had room to grow. Jamie wanted to provide a home but both she and Thomas, were apprehensive that they could be the support system for a child in need.

“I always thought you had to be a saint to be a foster parent,” said Jaime.
Jaime and Thomas joined the Foster Care Program at Boysville and started attending foster care training.

“The training helped us to realize that we don’t have to be superheroes to make a difference.” With a house full of boys, Jaime and Thomas were hoping to foster a little girl.

After waiting several months, Jaime and Thomas received a call about a two-week-old baby girl needing a safe home. Now ten months later, Baby Marisa* is thriving with her loving foster family.

“It is so much more amazing than we could imagine.”

The McIlheran’s are taking it one day at a time while the courts determine if Baby Marisa is eligible for adoption.

“We are just living in the now,” said Jamie. She knows the impact a foster family can make on a child’s life. “We can give love with the infinite amount we have to share and that we can give for free.”


Find out how you can be a hero to a child in need today.  Click on Foster Care Information

*Name changed to protect identity


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