Free Parent Training Program


FamilyParents, grandparents, guardians or anyone caring for children, 0-17 are invited to join us for a free eight-week parenting workshop*.

New classes start April 2, 2019.   Call (210) 488-7978 for more information.

Based on the Nurturing Parenting Program, this evidence-based model teaches behavioral management tips, creates more confident family leaders and helps caregivers recognize the power they posses in their own family’s development. Our participants will be encouraged, supported and assisted through this journey of recognizing the power that comes from learning effective parenting skills and the impact they will have on

children as they grow.  Through the Parent Empowerment Program families will be strengthened, and parents/guardians/caregivers will have the ability to be the kind of role model their children deserve.

Sign Up Today!

All classes will be held on the Boysville Campus located at 8555 East Loop 1604 North, Converse, TX 78109. For more information or to register, email Vicky Rine or call (210) 488-7978. Space is limited.

Childcare provided with confirmed reservation. Pizza will be provided.

Foster Care Information Meeting Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Foster Care at Boysville

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a child in need?


Children outnumber available foster homes 44:1. Now, more than ever, we need you to open your home to a child in need.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Boysville Campus/Thompson Building
8555 East Loop 1604 North
Converse, TX 78109

Come see how you can help change a child’s future by becoming a foster care parent.  

RSVP: Leticia Gomez,

Give Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Your gift today will give 120 children a safe place to lay their head on Christmas eve.  Please help us give children hope for a better tomorrow.

Ozzie Opts for Opportunities

He is a proud member of the Honor Guard, who presents the national and state flags at football games. As part of the Judson Rocket Crew, he helps to boost team spirit and support the football team. Every home game, Ozzie and other JROTC students hoist the JHS flags to celebrate their team on the field. Ozzie is also a member of The Talons, Judson’s JROTC drill team. Ozzie is also a Staff Sargent of the Air Force JROTC at Judson High School.

Ozzie takes advantage of every opportunity he can.

“I fit in. It is disciplined and fun. I wear the uniform with pride,” said Ozzie. “I like being a part of something bigger than myself.”

This is all in preparation for his aspirations to join the Marines. He looks to the Marines as a role model for discipline, duty, and strength.

“It’s a lot of work to become a Marine and an honor to join the Corps,” said Ozzie.

Ozzie isn’t all work and no play. He always makes time for his other hobbies, dance and music. Ozzie has always loved dance, but he just began taking classes this year.

“I love hip-hop because I can express myself through the music,” said Ozzie.

Ozzie has also recently been teaching himself how to play the guitar by following online videos and practicing in his spare time. He perfects his skills by learning to play classic rock.

Two of A Kind

“Boysville goes above and beyond in providing for the kids,” said Ariana. “I’ve always considered it my home, even when I was away.”

Identical Twins, Briana and Ariana have different dreams and goals. 

Briana and Ariana look alike. They finish each other sentences. They even laugh the same. However, these identical twins have distinct personalities and different aspirations. Ariana is free spirit while Briana likes structure and organization.

“I want to be a psychiatrist,” said Briana. Ariana wants to travel and become a historian.

After several foster care placements, both Briana and Ariana came to Boysville in 2013. The girls needed stability and structure. Both girls immediately joined the basketball team and soccer team at Boysville. They participated in the Christmas pageant. Most importantly, they felt like they were able to be teenagers.

“We were rushed in the growing up process,” said Briana. After arriving at Boysville, she said she was finally able to relax and enjoy being a teen.

“My houseparents always treated us like we were part of

their family,” said Ariana. “We went on trips to Oklahoma and to the beach at Corpus.” The girls were placed in different cottages to help meet their individual needs.

The sisters reunited with an older sibling and the girls finished high school while living with her. However, they came back into care right after graduation.

Stephanie Harvey, Boysville’s Supervised Independent Living Director, knew the girls and immediately reached out to their case worker to bring them home.

“I love these girls,” said Stephanie. They are so funny and both are so intelligent.” Stephanie is working with both girls to recognize on their own individual strengths as they work towards their goals.

Briana and Ariana are both glad to be in the SIL program.

“Boysville goes above and beyond in providing for the kids,” said Ariana. “I’ve always considered it my home, even when I was away.”

Boysville Alumnus Receives Prestigious Honor

Senior Chief Petty Officer John Daniel Gee Appointed Honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy

Senior Chief Petty Officer, John Daniel Gee, has been commissioned as an honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy.  Governor Gregg Abbott approved the commission on October 10, 2018.

Gee, a resident of San Antonio, now stationed in Washington, lived at Boysville for 10 years until his high school graduation.

“Living at Boysville is by far the single greatest influencer in my life,” said Gee.  “Every promotion, every degree and every award can be traced back to the dedication of the houseparent’s, support staff and donors of Boysville that were there for me from 1991 to 2001.”

Gee, who has been a member of the U.S. Navy for 18 years, is the Force Protection Officer for Naval Submarine Support Center- Bangor, WA. Gee has served on four US ballistic missile submarines and spent roughly four and a half years underwater as a Missile Technician in the US Navy.   He also is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate with a doctorate in biblical studies.   He serves as the pastor of Family Ministries at Chico Alliance Church.  Gee was nominated through State Representative Roland Gutierrez, the chairman of the Committee on Defense and Veteran Affairs. The Governor of Texas is the Commander-in-Chief and may grant a commission to a selected Texan as “Admiral of the Texas Navy,” in recognition of exemplary service to Texas, the United States of America, or mankind in general.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by a state I love so dearly and cannot wait to return to when I retire from active duty,” said Gee.

Paula Tucker, Chief Executive Officer of Boysville, has known Dan for over 18 years.

“Dan is not only a role model to his crew and to his family; he is also a role model to the children we serve every day,” said Paula Tucker, CEO of Boysville. “His success embodies our mission of providing a safe, family environment to children in need so that they can become responsible adults.”

To hear more about Dan’s experience at Boysville, visit

Summer 2018 Newsletter

In this issue, we are celebrating 10 amazing young men and women who have reached the monumental goal of completing high school. Read more to learn about their plans for college and careers!


Summer-2018-Boysville-Today reduced size

Stay the Course

For one young man, known as Junior to those who are close to him, this is his mantra. Junior is a well-known personality at Boysville. Known for his kind heart and dedication to his goals, he is a role model for others on campus.

On any given day, even in the Texas heat, Junior is seen jogging around campus or working on his punching bag as he readies himself to join the United States Marine Corps. That is, when he isn’t working at one of his two jobs or attending community college.

As a teen, Junior struggled to finish his high school credits. Stephanie Harvey, our Supervised Independent Living Director, gave Junior the confidence and guidance to continue working towards his high school diploma. His already full schedule made completing the course difficult. However, with his characteristic commitment, Junior accomplished the inspiring task of earning his G.E.D. in just five months. Now, 22, Junior is ready to face his next challenge.

At the suggestion of his recruiter, Junior is attending his first year of community college. Junior’s ultimate goal is to become a military policeman.

“The Marines are the most disciplined and knowledgeable branch of the military,” said Junior. This speaks to his amazing personality and the characteristics that Junior embodies.


Spring 2018 Newsletter

Spring 2018 Newsletter Boysville

By the time Diamond was 15, he had already attended 16 schools. He was behind academically. He had become frustrated with his situation. He needed a glimmer of hope.

Read our Spring 2018 newsletter and learn how Diamond found Boysville and how we were able to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for him to become a responsible adult!

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Diamond in the Rough


By the time Diamond was 15, he had already attended 16 schools.  He was behind academically.  He had become frustrated with his situation.  He needed a glimmer of hope.  Hope came when he found Boysville.

“My mother was a young mother with no real support system, so she made the best with what she could.” said Diamond.  “My dad was incarcerated when I was young.”

When Diamond arrived in the shelter at age 15, he had already been written off by the system that was supposed to save him.

“Boysville offered stability,” said Diamond.  “I started my sophomore year living at Boysville.  I had the opportunity to grow…knowing I was going to eat three meals a day plus two snacks, knowing that my clothes were going to be washed and knowing that I had clothes.”

At Boysville, he was surprised to have so many adults want him to succeed.  As he was behind academically, Boysville provided tutoring, as well as enrolled him into an evening credit recovery class so he could graduate on time.

“Boysville really is like a family,” said Diamond.  He saw that the staff was really committed to his own personal development and growth.  “To have people actually believe in you and want the best for you and who could see the best in you…I flourished.”

Diamond graduated and began his college career.  He received his bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist in 2008.  An entrepreneur, businessman and artist, Diamond currently owns and manages, L.e.d. Ninja Room Design.

Even more important than graduating from college is Diamond’s commitment to his family.  He has been married to Monica for 12 years and has three children.

Diamond continues to give back to Boysville.  He provides guidance to the youth living at Boysville.  “I’ve mentored over 20 young men who lived at Boysville,” said Diamond.  He shares his story with them to show that by making the right choices and taking advantage of the support system, they can be successful in life.