Over The Edge

Over The Edge Charity Rappelling Event San Antonio | Boysville Inc.

Boysville, in collaboration with Over the Edge Global and Marriott RiverCenter Hotel, brings an unforgettable experience to San Antonio! A Two-Day Urban Rappelling Fundraising Event benefiting the children of Boysville. This adrenaline-packed signature rappelling event, April 6-7, 2018, is designed for individuals or teams and requires no pre-training regimen. The ideal “Edger” is any man, woman, or child (with waiver) who is 16 or older and who raises $1,000 for the kids of Boysville.

Big Man On Campus

boysville youth


Tyrese holds the record for the fastest completion of a Rubik’s cube on campus. It only takes him 34 seconds and he can easily do it blindfolded. Tyrese gives us one of his signature smiles as he is showing us just one of his many skills.

At 18, Tyrese is an easy going young man. Always smiling and he always has a story to tell. Since he arrived with his siblings five years ago, he has been brightening our daily life with jokes and laughter. As one of the senior boys on campus, Tyrese is often looked to as a big brother and a role model with good reason; he knows how to be a success.

At 16, Tyrese began working at Bill Miller’s with the goal in mind to save for his first car. Since then, he has combined those earnings with the allowance he receives from Boysville to purchase his first car. But first, he had to get his driver’s license. Recently Tyrese finished his driving requirements, with the help of his brave mentor, and now has his license and a car.

At one point, Tyrese was moved from Boysville to a foster home in the community. His case manager thought it would be a good fit for him.

“I knew as soon as I got there that I needed to go back to Boysville,” said Tyrese. He found that it was not as supportive and caring as Boysville. Ultimately, he called Paula Tucker, Boysville’s CEO and asked to come back.

“Tyrese is a smart young man,” said Paula. “All children should be find permanency in the community. Unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Tyrese advocated for himself to come back to Boysville. He called me directly and, of course, I said he could come back. He is thriving here.”

Now a Senior in high school. Tyrese is ready to start tackling the responsibility of adulthood.

“I wanted to get acclimated. I’m an adult now, and I wanted to start living with those responsibilities,” said Tyrese.

Tyrese has moved into our Supervised Independent Living Program. This program allows, youth to continue living at Boysville while attending school rather than aging out of the system. He is now responsible for managing his own time between school, work, and his responsibilities at home.

“It’s challenging, but if you can multitask and prioritize, it’s easy,” said Tyrese. “For instance, if I’m tired, I know it’s my responsibility to make sure I get up and go to school.”

Tyrese regularly challenges himself at school. He participates in DECA, a student organization that prepares young adults for career and college readiness through community oriented marketing and finance projects. In addition, he is in a career prep course that allows him to receive course credit for working.

Tyrese has also been attending an SAT Prep course on the Boysville campus to prepare for his upcoming college applications. He plans to apply to Texas A&M Corpus Christi. With the support of his Boysville family, and his signature tenacity, Tyrese will succeed in anything he sets his mind on in the future.


Family of Five (Or More)

Boysville family

Lourdes and Henry Aguilera have opened their home and hearts to over 17 foster children.

At any given time, Lourdes and Henry Aguilera house is full of children. Since 2011, the Aguileras have opened their home and hearts to over 17 foster children.

When asked why they would take on the challenge of being foster parents, their answer was simple, ͞”to help children.”͟

Their dedication to helping children in need is what makes them one of our most successful foster families. They understand that every child has their own unique history and personality, and they welcome them with open arms. As a family, they work to ensure that every child is treated with respect and compassion. From the moment they arrive, that foster child is a part of their family.

For one little boy, this was the best gift the Aguileras could have given him. Adrian* struggled with math, but had a dream to be on the A-honor roll. However, he was so far behind in school that it was very difficult for him to catch up. ͞

”He would cry and say he couldn’t do it,”͟ said Lourdes. ͞”But I wouldn’t let him quit.”    Together, they achieved his goal.

Although being a foster parent means that one day their children will leave them to reunite with their families or find a new home through adoption, each child holds a special place in their hearts. ͞

”You can say you won’t get attached, but you always do.”

Interested in becoming a foster care parent?  Click here for more information.

Boysville Achieves National Accreditation

Paula Tucker

Boysville, Inc. has achieved national accreditation through the New York-based Council on Accreditation (COA). Boysville, located in Converse, Texas provides a continuum of on-campus and community-based services for children, birth through age 23, who cannot remain in their home due to abuse, neglect or family disruption. Since 2000, Boysville has maintained a national accreditation status. Boysville consistently demonstrates the implementation of best practice standards in the field of human services.

To achieve COA accreditation, Boysville first provided written evidence of compliance with over 3,000 COA standards. Thereafter, a group of specially trained volunteer Peer Reviewers confirmed adherence to these standards during a series of on-site interviews with trustees, staff and clients.

Based on their findings, COA’s volunteer-based Accreditation Commission voted that Boysville, Inc. had successfully met the criteria for re-accreditation and had zero deficiencies.

“We are more than pleased to maintain our national accreditation,” said Paula Tucker, CEO, Boysville, Inc. “Boysville is known for providing the best services for children in need in Bexar County. This is truly a testament to our programs as being top-ranked in the country.”

“We spent a year in preparation for this visit,” said Tucker. “As child welfare reform continues to roll out in Texas, we will continue to be leader in best practices for providing wrap around services for children in crisis.”

COA accreditation is an objective, independent, and reliable validation of an agency’s performance. The COA accreditation process involves a detailed review and analysis of an organization’s administration, management, and service delivery functions against international standards of best practice. COA accreditation demonstrates accountability in the management of resources, sets standardized best practice thresholds for service and administration, and increases organizational capacity and accountability by creating a framework for ongoing quality improvement.

Founded in 1977, COA is an independent, not-for-profit accreditor of the full continuum of community-based behavioral health care and social service organizations in the United States and Canada. Over 2,000 organizations — voluntary, public, and proprietary; local and statewide; large and small — have either successfully achieved COA accreditation or are currently engaged in the process. To learn more about COA, please visit www.COAnet.org.

Boysville, Inc., established in 1943, began as a home for orphaned boys. Today, Boysville cares for boys and girls, birth through 23, who cannot remain in their home due to abuse, neglect and abandonment. Boysville’s mission is to provide a safe, family environment for children in need so that they may become responsible adults.

San Antonio, TX, August 28, 2017
For Immediate Release
August 28, 2017

Contact: Beth Green
(W): (210) 659-1901ext 222
(C): (512) 496-1406
Email: bgreen@boysvilletexas.org

Boysville Today Spring 2017

Boysville Today

Catch up with graduation, prom and more of the spring goings on at the Boysville campus! Read the 2017 Spring edition of Boysville Today to learn more! For more information, browse our website or call us today at (210) 659-1901!


Boots, Bling, Bids and BEADLE

Michelle Beadle Boysville Auction San Antonio

Boots, Bling, Bids,Beadle and Bowen!
Michelle Beadle, National ESPN SportsNation Host and Bruce Bowen, NBA Analyst and Spurs Legend to help children in need

San Antonio, TX August 16, 2017 –It’s time for boots and bling and everything in between as Boysville prepares to raise some much-needed funds for children in need!  This year we are excited that Michelle Beadle, ESPN’s NBA Countdown Host and Bruce Bowen, ESPN Analyst and Spurs Legend, will join us as our celebrity emcees.  All of the proceeds from this event benefit the children living at Boysville.  The event will be held Saturday, August 192017 at 6:30 pm at the Bexar County Expo Hall #2.


What:                       51st Annual Wildest Auction in the West 

When:                       Saturday, August 19th, 6:30 – 11:00 PM

Where:                     Freeman Coliseum Expo Hall # 2

Who:                        Michelle Beadle and Bruce Bowen, Bret Mullins Band


For more information: www.boysvilleauction.org 




Boysville, Inc. was established in 1943 as a home for orphaned boys.  Today, Boysville cares for boys and girls, birth through 23, who cannot remain in their home due to abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Boysville’s mission is to provide a safe, family environment for children in need so that they may become responsible adults.

2016 Annual Report


2016 was an excellent year for Boysville! Check out our 2016 Annual Report for great information and program results for last year. We can’t wait to continue improving and helping children in 2017!


Oscar shares experience maturing-out of system

boysville youth


Foster youth shares experience maturing-out of system


SAN ANTONIO- November may be Adoption Awareness Month, but many Texas children mature-out of their foster families without ever finding a home.

“It was hard because other people were graduating and they all had family there and everything,” said Oscar Paz, reflecting on his high school graduation two years ago.

Now that it’s in the past he can see it as an experience that made him stronger. “I just mustered on through it,” he said smiling.

As a foster youth, Oscar gets free tuition to colleges in Texas. “But I wasn’t doing so well,” he said.

Having to support yourself, buy textbooks, find a place to live is not often easy, even for children who have the support of parents.

“I had no where else to go, and my case worker said there’s this place called Boysville.”

Boysville a campus out in Bexar County, became his home, it even has a white picket fence.

He now lives here with housemates, who divide chores, and even have curfews like they would if they lived with a family.

“They showed me the way to excel and step-up the ladder,” Oscar said.

That’s because Boysville isn’t just a place to live, the staff listened when Oscar said he took care of his special needs brother growing-up, and wanted to be a nurse.

It’s a goal he’s now close to accomplishing, graduating recently as a certified nursing assistant, and he said this time, his graduation ceremony was exactly how he’d imagined it.

“When I graduated I had a lot of support,” he said. “There was a lot of staff there.”

And he has this advice for foster children watching who are in his shoes.

“Not to give up because there’s always hope,” he said. “And there’s someone always there to help you.”

Boysville has 17 other young adults, like Oscar, they’re helping.

And they’ve helped more than 80 since 2013.

(Original news story aired on 11-16-17)



Boysville Today | Fall 2016

Boysville Today

It’s fall at Boysville! School is in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner. Check out what’s happening on campus with our amazing Boysville residents and staff.


Library Opening – A New Chapter

Boysville San Antonio, TX

Boysville is happy to announce the completed renovation of The Spencer Library. Thanks to multiple generous donors, the children at Boysville have a wonderful new space to read, create and learn.