Boysville Today Spring 2020

Meet our 2020 Seniors: Read about how we are handling the COVID-19 crisis and get ready to boogie down … save the date for the Grooviest Auction in the West featuring KC and the Sunshine Band!


Free Parent Training Program


FamilyParents, grandparents, guardians or anyone caring for children, 0-17 are invited to join us for a free eight-week parenting workshop*.

New classes start April 2, 2019.   Call (210) 488-7978 for more information.

Based on the Nurturing Parenting Program, this evidence-based model teaches behavioral management tips, creates more confident family leaders and helps caregivers recognize the power they posses in their own family’s development. Our participants will be encouraged, supported and assisted through this journey of recognizing the power that comes from learning effective parenting skills and the impact they will have on

children as they grow.  Through the Parent Empowerment Program families will be strengthened, and parents/guardians/caregivers will have the ability to be the kind of role model their children deserve.

Sign Up Today!

All classes will be held on the Boysville Campus located at 8555 East Loop 1604 North, Converse, TX 78109. For more information or to register, email Vicky Rine or call (210) 488-7978. Space is limited.

Childcare provided with confirmed reservation. Pizza will be provided.

Foster Care Information Meeting Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Foster Care at Boysville

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a child in need?


Children outnumber available foster homes 44:1. Now, more than ever, we need you to open your home to a child in need.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Boysville Campus/Thompson Building
8555 East Loop 1604 North
Converse, TX 78109

Come see how you can help change a child’s future by becoming a foster care parent.  

RSVP: Leticia Gomez,

Boysville Alumnus Receives Prestigious Honor

Senior Chief Petty Officer John Daniel Gee Appointed Honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy

Senior Chief Petty Officer, John Daniel Gee, has been commissioned as an honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy.  Governor Gregg Abbott approved the commission on October 10, 2018.

Gee, a resident of San Antonio, now stationed in Washington, lived at Boysville for 10 years until his high school graduation.

“Living at Boysville is by far the single greatest influencer in my life,” said Gee.  “Every promotion, every degree and every award can be traced back to the dedication of the houseparent’s, support staff and donors of Boysville that were there for me from 1991 to 2001.”

Gee, who has been a member of the U.S. Navy for 18 years, is the Force Protection Officer for Naval Submarine Support Center- Bangor, WA. Gee has served on four US ballistic missile submarines and spent roughly four and a half years underwater as a Missile Technician in the US Navy.   He also is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate with a doctorate in biblical studies.   He serves as the pastor of Family Ministries at Chico Alliance Church.  Gee was nominated through State Representative Roland Gutierrez, the chairman of the Committee on Defense and Veteran Affairs. The Governor of Texas is the Commander-in-Chief and may grant a commission to a selected Texan as “Admiral of the Texas Navy,” in recognition of exemplary service to Texas, the United States of America, or mankind in general.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by a state I love so dearly and cannot wait to return to when I retire from active duty,” said Gee.

Paula Tucker, Chief Executive Officer of Boysville, has known Dan for over 18 years.

“Dan is not only a role model to his crew and to his family; he is also a role model to the children we serve every day,” said Paula Tucker, CEO of Boysville. “His success embodies our mission of providing a safe, family environment to children in need so that they can become responsible adults.”

To hear more about Dan’s experience at Boysville, visit

Champions fore Charity

Be a champion of Boysville and support us through Champions for Charity!  Donate today and make a 107% difference in the life of a foster child.

Forever Family

“Today  we get to keep her forever!”

Jaime and Thomas McIheran’s son shouted excitedly.

Baby M came to Jamie and Thomas at two weeks old. After 18 months, Baby M is officially a little sister to two loving brothers.

Jaime has  loved the idea of adopting a child in need. After the birth of their two boys, Jamie and Thomas knew they still had room to grow. Jamie wanted to provide a home but both she and Thomas, were apprehensive that they could be the support system for a child in need.

“We were finally at the point where our
dream of becoming a family could be a reality.”

Jaime and Thomas joined the Foster Care Program at Boysville and started attending foster care trainings.

I always thought you had to be a saint to be a foster parent,” said Jaime. “The trainings helped us to realize that we don’t have to be superheroes to make a difference.”

Adopting was a family adventure. The boys were excited to be celebrating their sister on adoption day. Inside the courtroom, the McIlheran family was surrounded by 30 friends and family who had been their support system through the process of fostering and then becoming a forever family.

The official “gotcha day” was December 17, 2019. The McIlherans were excited to celebrate their growing family with friends and loved ones.

“We were finally at the point where our dream of becoming a family could be a reality,” said Jaime. “It was wonderful. A heartfelt appreciation for our journey and what it meant for us to be in that place, on that day.”


2020 Fall Coat Drive

donate to boysville

donate to boysville

Fall is upon us and colder months are quickly approaching! You can help keep a child warm by helping provide coats for this fall and winter. We are accepting new coats for all ages of children right now. It’s easy to give – just choose one of the options below!

Purchase on Amazon

Can’t make the drive to our campus? You can purchase new coats on Amazon here:  Boysville Wish List  (Make sure to set Boysville as your charity of choice through Amazon Smile!) and simply set the shipping address to:

8555 E. Loop 1604 North
Converse, Texas 78109-0369



Find some great sales at Ross, Target, Wal-Mart (for example) and deliver coats to Boysville

8555 E. Loop 1604 North
Converse, Texas 78109-0369


Due to COVID, our campus is still closed to the public.  If you are dropping new coats or jackets off, please call Laura Haby at 210-659-1901 to coordinate a drop off time.

Grooviest Auction Live Stream

Join us Friday, September 18th at 7 pm for the Grooviest Virtual Event Ever to help raise funds for children in the Boysville’s programs.

Boysville Today Fall 2020

The McIlerhans’ are now a forever family for Baby M!   Look who helped send our kids back to college!


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Paula Tucker, Boysville’s CEO, gives a video update on how our children are doing and how you can help during these trying times.    At this time, all our our emergency shelters and on campus residential homes are filled with children who need a safe place to call home. We are thankful that all of our children and staff have remained healthy during this crisis. We hope you are too.


We’re blessed to have our library and recreational spaces on campus for our children to help with online learning and giving them space to be active. As we care for the health and safety of over 90 children today, we need your help. No matter how small or big, your donations are greatly appreciated during these difficult times.


Thank you for all you do. May God watch over you and your family during this crisis.



A Video Message from Our CEO
April 9, 2020


At this time, no unauthorized visitors are allowed on our campus. In addition, we cannot accept gently used donations.  Boysville has postponed all volunteer activities until further notice.   Only authorized persons, such as DFPS case workers, legal counsel and approved family members, will be allowed on our campus.  Individuals who are approved to be on our campus may be subject to a visitor screening including a temperature check.  Visitors must check in with the supervising director on duty.

Our administration has authorized that non-essential personnel work from home to mitigate potential exposure to the children.  Administration staff can be contacted by email and via cell phones.  Please understand that unsolicited donation drop offs will not be accepted and you will be turned away.

The Boysville Thrift Store is closed indefinitely. 

We continue to be available via phone, email, and social media networks.

Stay safe and healthy.

Better Together

“Originally, we were separated,” said Julian. When older sister, Liz came to Boysville, the group’s case worker along with their CASA worker began advocating for them to be reunited.

“Their TDFPS caseworker was calling regularly to see if we had room,” said Krystal Costello, their Boysville case manager. “She knew they needed each other.”

In 2018, they were finally reunited at Boysville.

“They made room for me,” said Rebecca, smiling broadly. It was true. Our girl’s cottages were full but Rebecca was able to stay in our shelter on campus, close to her brothers and sister, until there was an opening in a girls’ cottage.
Once back together, the siblings began to flourish.

Liz, now 20, graduated from high school in 2019 and moved into Boysville’s Supervised Independent Living Program. Recently, Liz was able to move into her own apartment in the community.

“Liz leaving was really hard on the kids and Liz,” said Krystal. “They were all crying. But she sees them weekly and talks to them often.”
Julian, an aspiring chef, is a true renaissance man. The 16-year-old enjoys art, dance, math and biology. His current passion and hobby is painting landscape scenes. He drifts into a stream of consciousness style of speaking when talking about his art. He takes pride in doing well in school. He is also planning to major in accounting in college. Julian transferred to Wagner High School just to be a part of the culinary program.

“I’ve been cooking since fifth grade,” said Julian. “I learned to cook eggs and always made Vincent’s and Rebecca’s favorite eggs.” His newest culinary interest is making cakes.

Vincent, 14, is a shy young man, with a love for art and technology. He wants to combine those skills to become a video game designer. His favorite subject is math and one of his favorite video games is Geometry Dash. His love for his siblings is apparent.
“My brother is my best friend,” said Vincent. He is also looking forward to next year when he is an 8th grader and Rebecca will be a 6th grader and in the same school.

Rebecca, the youngest at 9, is definitely the most outgoing one. She, like her brothers, love math. Talkative, smart, funny, and athletic, she has already played flag football and soccer, but her love is basketball. She also likes to collect basketball shoes.
“I want the Steph Curry 4 shoes,” said Rebecca, laughing. Rebecca easily slides into the conversation with her brothers and takes over while the boys watch over her.

Both brothers talk about Rebecca and her passion for sports.

“She really likes the Cowboys too,” said Julian.

They all have a profound love for their CASA advocate, Ms. Brenda. She has been a constant advocate in their lives from day one.
“MS. Brenda is really nice,”, said Julian. “She advocates for us. I think I talk to her more than anyone.”

Rebecca echoes Julian. “She takes us to movies and makes us homemade cakes for our birthdays. She even brings us lunch
at school.”

All of the siblings said it was hard to be separated from each other. They are happy to be together at Boysville. They are waiting for their forever family. Rebecca has a list of requirements.

“They should know English and Spanish. Be active. Know how to cook Mexican food. Like dogs” said Rebecca as she rattled off her list. But most importantly, they want to stay together in San Antonio.

Julian agrees.

“We know what it is like to be separated,” said Julian. “We are better together. We are a better family together.”

Boysville Today Spring 2019

Boysville spring 2019 cover

Meet our 2019 Seniors: Read about one foster family’s amazing journey and get ready… the Wildest Auction in the West is coming soon!






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Not All Heroes Wear Capes


Since she was ten years old, Jaime has loved the idea of adopting a child in need. After the birth of their two boys, Jamie and Thomas, knew they still had room to grow. Jamie wanted to provide a home but both she and Thomas, were apprehensive that they could be the support system for a child in need.

“I always thought you had to be a saint to be a foster parent,” said Jaime.
Jaime and Thomas joined the Foster Care Program at Boysville and started attending foster care training.

“The training helped us to realize that we don’t have to be superheroes to make a difference.” With a house full of boys, Jaime and Thomas were hoping to foster a little girl.

After waiting several months, Jaime and Thomas received a call about a two-week-old baby girl needing a safe home. Now ten months later, Baby Marisa* is thriving with her loving foster family.

“It is so much more amazing than we could imagine.”

The McIlheran’s are taking it one day at a time while the courts determine if Baby Marisa is eligible for adoption.

“We are just living in the now,” said Jamie. She knows the impact a foster family can make on a child’s life. “We can give love with the infinite amount we have to share and that we can give for free.”


Find out how you can be a hero to a child in need today.  Click on Foster Care Information

*Name changed to protect identity