children’s shelter partners

Help support our family by providing items to meet our campus daily needs at Boysville San Antonio. Our campus includes two emergency shelters, four residential cottages, two independent living cottages, gymnasium, library, chapel, barn, outdoor recreation areas and playground. Campus needs can include baking pans, big pots and pans, children’s music cd’s, carpet cleaner (lots of carpet cleaner), shower curtains and much more!




Cottage Needs

– Baking pans
– BIG pots and pans (cooking for 15 people)
– Food processor
– Electric slicer
– Deep fryer
– 4-slice toaster
– Deep carpet cleaner
– Children’s music CDs
– Bath mats
– Shower curtains
– Stereo for the living room area
– Any Wii games
– Any Playstation 2 games
– Restaurant gift cards
– Passes to the movies, bowling, and other activities
– Childrens’ DVD movies
– Waffle maker
– Blankets
– Tablecloths
– Place mats
– Rugs
– Bathroom rugs
– Knife set
– Curtains
– New hose
– Board games
– Individual shower/soap caddies
– Glade fragrance refills
– Plastic cereal containers
– silverware
– Electric skillet
– Electric frying pan
– Omelet Teflon frying pan
– Large drink pitchers
– Black & Decker toaster oven classic
– Puzzles (24-100 count)
– Sippy cups
– Small book shelves

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