Just 5% Can Create a Lasting Legacy and Make a Difference !

The greatest gift we can give children is roots to grow and wings to fly. Boysville provides a safe, family home to children so they may grow and become strong, healthy adults. We give them a foundation of security and stability. Just as plants depend on nourishment and stability, so do our children. We help strengthen their wings to life them above their past life and fly towards their hopes and dreams.

By remembering Boysville through a planned gift, you can leave a lasting legacy for the children, youth and families we will care for in the future.  As little as 5% of your estate can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

For more information, contact Beth Green, Chief Development Officer at 210-659-1901 or email bgreen@boysvilletexas.org.


Boysville is committed to following the wishes of our donors in order to help their legacy live on through our mission. By board policy, estate gifts to Boysville are placed into our Boysville Foundation, unless otherwise stated by the donor. The Boysville Foundation is managed by an elected board comprised of past presidents and a community member.  The Foundation board conservatively manages the Foundation and provides annual distributions to Boysville primarily to fund a portion of operating and capital expenses of Boysville’s programs, such as the emergency shelter, residential care, and supervised independent living programs. Some benefactors choose to designate their estate gifts for specific uses such as the following popular choices:
  • The Hunter Church Fund: Gifts placed in the Hunter Church Fund within the Boysville foundation are used to help young adults, who graduated from high school while living at Boysville, continue their education.
  • Capital Projects: Gifts can earmarked for campus and infrastructure improvements, renovations and/or construction on the Boysville campus.
  • Program(s): Depending on the size of the gift, the Boysville Foundation members will authorize the monies to be directed to an annual use or the creation of an endowed fund that benefits the program(s) named by the donor in his/her estate.
A majority of the resources in the Boysville Foundation are a result of gifts through the wills, trusts or other planned gifts of our benefactors. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, good stewardship of the resources entrusted to our mission and our adherence to sound investment practices, Boysville benefits from a strong foundation. The strength of our foundation allows our program decisions to be based on what is best for children, not a dependence on government funding. The Foundation give an assurance that the Boysville mission will be viable for future generations who need a safe place to call home. In addition to providing a strong financial foundation for children in need, funding provided through the foundation and other appropriations ensures that no child who meets our admissions criteria is ever denied admission based on their family’s inability to pay for services.
Create a living legacy by including Boysville in your estate planning. You can do this several ways:
  • Name Boysville, Inc. as a beneficiary in your will
  • Create a Trust to help fund programs at Boysville
  • Create a duel-benefit gift such as a Charitable Remainder Trust. You receive fixed payments based on your age and desired interest of return. You also receive a charity tax-deduction. Boysville, Inc. becomes the beneficiary of your trust principle.
  • Designate stocks, bonds, real estate or life-insurance to Boysville, Inc.
A deferred gift annuity may be an excellent way to achieve your financial goals for you and for Boysville. A deferred gift annuity is a simple contract between you and Boysville, Inc. In exchange for your irrevocable gift of cash, securities, or other assets, Boysville, Inc. agrees to pay one or two annuitants you name a fixed sum each year for life, with payments starting at least one year after your gift. The older your designated annuitants are at the time of gift and the longer payments are deferred, the greater the fixed payments Boysville, Inc. can agree to pay. In most cases, part of each payment is tax-free, increasing each payment's after-tax value.  Payments are usually made annually, semiannually, or quarterly. Some benefits of a CGA are:
  • Income for Life– You will receive fixed payments in quarterly installments for life.
  • Tax Deduction Savings– a large part of what you transfer is a deductible charitable gift
  • Tax-Free Income– a large part of your annual payment is tax-free return of principal
  • Reduced Estate Taxes– Your estate may enjoy reduced probate costs and estate tazes
  • Personal Satisfaction– You are creating a lasting legacy for children in need
Annuity gifts are placed into the Boysville CGA which is managed by PC Calc.
In 1943, one man decided to make a difference in the lives of homeless boys sleeping in Travis Park.  From one act of kindness, Boysville was born.  Today, we care for all children who are in need of a safe place to call home. The BV43 Society honors the legacy of Reverend Don Holiman and all of our benefactors who designate Boysville as a beneficiary of their will, charitable trust or other planned gift. An estate gift ensures Boysville’s future while creating a lasting legacy for the donor.  We want to express our gratitude to our supporters for believing in our children and our programs. Let us know you are including Boysville in your planned giving.  You will join other benefactors as members of the BV43 Society. As a member, you will receive the following:
  1. Communication about Boysville programs and the successes of our children.  We want you to be a part of our family.
  2. Join us for events on campus and in the community.  You will receive special invites to all of our activities.
  1. Recognition of your membership in the society by way of a special certificate and small token of our appreciation. We know our supporters want their donations used for childcare, not donor gifts. These gestures of appreciation are selected to say thank you at an acceptable cost.
Information related to estate planning, wills, trusts and other planned gifts are available to you, without obligation, to help you effectively guide you through the planned giving process.  Any information you receive from this site should not be substituted for legal advice.  All discussions concerning your charitable giving are in the strictest confidence. Boysville does not sell or rent any of its information about donors to other charities or marketing firms.