“Today  we get to keep her forever!”

Jaime and Thomas McIheran’s son shouted excitedly.

Baby M came to Jamie and Thomas at two weeks old. After 18 months, Baby M is officially a little sister to two loving brothers.

Jaime has  loved the idea of adopting a child in need. After the birth of their two boys, Jamie and Thomas knew they still had room to grow. Jamie wanted to provide a home but both she and Thomas, were apprehensive that they could be the support system for a child in need.

“We were finally at the point where our
dream of becoming a family could be a reality.”

Jaime and Thomas joined the Foster Care Program at Boysville and started attending foster care trainings.

I always thought you had to be a saint to be a foster parent,” said Jaime. “The trainings helped us to realize that we don’t have to be superheroes to make a difference.”

Adopting was a family adventure. The boys were excited to be celebrating their sister on adoption day. Inside the courtroom, the McIlheran family was surrounded by 30 friends and family who had been their support system through the process of fostering and then becoming a forever family.

The official “gotcha day” was December 17, 2019. The McIlherans were excited to celebrate their growing family with friends and loved ones.

“We were finally at the point where our dream of becoming a family could be a reality,” said Jaime. “It was wonderful. A heartfelt appreciation for our journey and what it meant for us to be in that place, on that day.”


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