SPRING CLASSES STARTING SOON!    As parents, the question, “Why do they do that?” has passed through our minds time and time again. From the terrible twos to the turbulent teens, parents are often faced with behavioral issues that make us question our parenting skills and sometimes our sanity.

We can help you become better parents without losing your mind!

Parents, grandparents, guardians or anyone caring for children, 0-17 are invited to join us for a free eight-week parenting workshop*. Based on the Nurturing Parenting Program, this evidence-based model teaches behavioral management tips, creates more confident family leaders and helps caregivers recognize the power they posses in their own family’s development. Our participants will be encouraged, supported and assisted through this journey of recognizing the power that comes from learning effective parenting skills and the impact they will have on children as they grow.

Through the S.P.A.R.K. program, families will be strengthened, and parents/guardians/caregivers will have the ability to be the kind of role model their children deserve.

About Vicky Rine

Vicky Rine understands how trauma that comes from early childhood experiences impacts a child’s growth and development.Adopted at an early age and raised by parents who were loving but lacked skills in dealing with a strong-willed, highly emotional child, Vicky connects with parents who need help reaching their kids.

Vicky is a nationally recognized and award-winning parent educator with over 25 years of experience.  Her background includes working with area school districts, Region 20 and the Precious Minds, New Connections program. Vicky brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to today’s parenting issues.

As the program director of SPARK she is a certified parent educator using the evidence and research-based, Nurturing Parenting Program.  She is also a Trust Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) Practitioner.  She utilizes a combination of evidence-based programs to teach and individually coach parents and caregivers to become more effective and confident in their skills in parenting their own children.

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New classes starting March 2020

Call (210) 488-7978 or email Vicky Rine. 

Space is limited.

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*This class is TDFPS approved for care givers required to take a parenting class.

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