By the time Diamond was 15, he had already attended 16 schools.  He was behind academically.  He had become frustrated with his situation.  He needed a glimmer of hope.  Hope came when he found Boysville.

“My mother was a young mother with no real support system, so she made the best with what she could.” said Diamond.  “My dad was incarcerated when I was young.”

When Diamond arrived in the shelter at age 15, he had already been written off by the system that was supposed to save him.

“Boysville offered stability,” said Diamond.  “I started my sophomore year living at Boysville.  I had the opportunity to grow…knowing I was going to eat three meals a day plus two snacks, knowing that my clothes were going to be washed and knowing that I had clothes.”

At Boysville, he was surprised to have so many adults want him to succeed.  As he was behind academically, Boysville provided tutoring, as well as enrolled him into an evening credit recovery class so he could graduate on time.

“Boysville really is like a family,” said Diamond.  He saw that the staff was really committed to his own personal development and growth.  “To have people actually believe in you and want the best for you and who could see the best in you…I flourished.”

Diamond graduated and began his college career.  He received his bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist in 2008.  An entrepreneur, businessman and artist, Diamond currently owns and manages, L.e.d. Ninja Room Design.

Even more important than graduating from college is Diamond’s commitment to his family.  He has been married to Monica for 12 years and has three children.

Diamond continues to give back to Boysville.  He provides guidance to the youth living at Boysville.  “I’ve mentored over 20 young men who lived at Boysville,” said Diamond.  He shares his story with them to show that by making the right choices and taking advantage of the support system, they can be successful in life.

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