Paula Tucker, Boysville’s CEO, gives a video update on how our children are doing and how you can help during these trying times.    At this time, all our our emergency shelters and on campus residential homes are filled with children who need a safe place to call home. We are thankful that all of our children and staff have remained healthy during this crisis. We hope you are too.


We’re blessed to have our library and recreational spaces on campus for our children to help with online learning and giving them space to be active. As we care for the health and safety of over 90 children today, we need your help. No matter how small or big, your donations are greatly appreciated during these difficult times.


Thank you for all you do. May God watch over you and your family during this crisis.



A Video Message from Our CEO
April 9, 2020


At this time, no unauthorized visitors are allowed on our campus. In addition, we cannot accept gently used donations.  Boysville has postponed all volunteer activities until further notice.   Only authorized persons, such as DFPS case workers, legal counsel and approved family members, will be allowed on our campus.  Individuals who are approved to be on our campus may be subject to a visitor screening including a temperature check.  Visitors must check in with the supervising director on duty.

Our administration has authorized that non-essential personnel work from home to mitigate potential exposure to the children.  Administration staff can be contacted by email and via cell phones.  Please understand that unsolicited donation drop offs will not be accepted and you will be turned away.

The Boysville Thrift Store is closed indefinitely. 

We continue to be available via phone, email, and social media networks.

Stay safe and healthy.

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