Tyrese holds the record for the fastest completion of a Rubik’s cube on campus. It only takes him 34 seconds and he can easily do it blindfolded. Tyrese gives us one of his signature smiles as he is showing us just one of his many skills.

At 18, Tyrese is an easy going young man. Always smiling and he always has a story to tell. Since he arrived with his siblings five years ago, he has been brightening our daily life with jokes and laughter. As one of the senior boys on campus, Tyrese is often looked to as a big brother and a role model with good reason; he knows how to be a success.

At 16, Tyrese began working at Bill Miller’s with the goal in mind to save for his first car. Since then, he has combined those earnings with the allowance he receives from Boysville to purchase his first car. But first, he had to get his driver’s license. Recently Tyrese finished his driving requirements, with the help of his brave mentor, and now has his license and a car.

At one point, Tyrese was moved from Boysville to a foster home in the community. His case manager thought it would be a good fit for him.

“I knew as soon as I got there that I needed to go back to Boysville,” said Tyrese. He found that it was not as supportive and caring as Boysville. Ultimately, he called Paula Tucker, Boysville’s CEO and asked to come back.

“Tyrese is a smart young man,” said Paula. “All children should be find permanency in the community. Unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Tyrese advocated for himself to come back to Boysville. He called me directly and, of course, I said he could come back. He is thriving here.”

Now a Senior in high school. Tyrese is ready to start tackling the responsibility of adulthood.

“I wanted to get acclimated. I’m an adult now, and I wanted to start living with those responsibilities,” said Tyrese.

Tyrese has moved into our Supervised Independent Living Program. This program allows, youth to continue living at Boysville while attending school rather than aging out of the system. He is now responsible for managing his own time between school, work, and his responsibilities at home.

“It’s challenging, but if you can multitask and prioritize, it’s easy,” said Tyrese. “For instance, if I’m tired, I know it’s my responsibility to make sure I get up and go to school.”

Tyrese regularly challenges himself at school. He participates in DECA, a student organization that prepares young adults for career and college readiness through community oriented marketing and finance projects. In addition, he is in a career prep course that allows him to receive course credit for working.

Tyrese has also been attending an SAT Prep course on the Boysville campus to prepare for his upcoming college applications. He plans to apply to Texas A&M Corpus Christi. With the support of his Boysville family, and his signature tenacity, Tyrese will succeed in anything he sets his mind on in the future.


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