Help Send Boysville Kids Back to School with Confidence!

Boysville is hosting a back to school clothing drive to provide new school supplies along with clothes and shoes to school-aged children in our programs.

“Unfortunately, many of the children who arrive at Boysville come with only the clothes on their backs,” said Paula Tucker, CEO at Boysville. “Our children want to dress exactly like their friends at school. However, new clothes, shoes, calculators, binders, and notebooks add up quickly.”

“I feel like it is important for our children to have the same styles as their peers when it comes to back to school clothes. This will allow our children to start school feeling good about themselves and reduce targeting from bullies at their schools,” said Tucker.

Now through August 22, 2017, Boysville is asking for donations of money or gift cards to popular retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Academy, Ross, Old Navy,  DSW, Rack Room and more will benefit our children. Each child gets to shop for their own clothes during their annual back to school shopping trip.

“It really is exciting to see our children smile and see their confidence increase as they pick out new clothes,” said Tucker.

Click here for a list of school supplies needed:  School Supplies 2017.   For more information or to donate, call (210) 659-1901.

Boysville, Inc. was established in 1943 as a home for orphaned boys. Today, Boysville cares for boys and girls, birth through 23, who cannot remain in their home due to abuse, neglect and abandonment. Boysville’s mission is to provide a safe, family environment for children in need so that they may become responsible adults.

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