The Emergency Shelter
At our Emergency Shelter, children reside in a home-like setting that provides around-the-clock awake staff for maximum safety and support. There are two cottages dedicated to the emergency shelter, one cottage is for the younger youth in Boysville’s care that has specifically been renovated to house up to 12 infants and toddlers. The second cottage is for older youth that can house up to 18 children. These cottages are headed by Youth Care Workers who provide basic behavioral, disciplinary and living skills that are taught to each boy and girl.

The Independent Living Program
The Independent Living program is for older youth who are 18 or older and can live more independently. There are two cottages in this program, one for boys and another for girls. These cottages provide more of a dorm like setting  and the youth live with a Resident Assistant. Boysville also has apartments on campus for the youth who have demonstrated responsibility to live in their own in the apartment.

Residential Care Cottages 
A family arrangement is maintained in each Residential Care cottage. The cottage family is headed by houseparents – a married couple that serves as the primary providers for the children’s daily needs. The houseparents form a warm, caring family with their youth as they guide and instruct them on a 24-hour basis, seeing that their physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs are met. It’s a full-time vocation, and while they are assisted in their work by other child care professionals, the houseparents are responsible for the majority of basic behavioral, disciplinary and living skills that are taught to each boy or girl. Many of our houseparents also have their own children living with them. Cottage homes are single gender, and each has a group of eight to twelve boys or girls.

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